An online session via Zoom exhibiting showcases of AI projects by students of Vincent Mary School of Science and Technology, Assumption University. (5 June 2020)

Keyword Analytics

Analysing & Tracking Trends on Twitter.
By Mustavi Sarker, Chawalit Khotwong & Sorasit Arsirapongphisit

Keyword Analytics is a social media monitoring tool powered by Big Data and AI. It monitors the latest social media trends in real-time giving you detailed insights into each of those trends with stunning visualizations.

Smart Digest

A Platform for Content Processing & Analytics
By Wanthita Peaugpoolpol, Harpreet Singh Arora & Shirish Kayastha.

Smart Digest in a content analytics solution that extracts insights by processing free texts from online and offline sources such as customer reviews.


Recognising Faces in Photos from Events
by Saharat Tiewkunupakan, Thanapol Sopanhari & Thanathas Chawengvorakul.

In this Project, users can find their own photos in a given event by uploading one of their own photos. We use technologies namely, SQL Database, Firebase, Flask and FaceNet to achiece our goal.

Liveness Detection

Optical Flow Method for Liveness Detection
By Utsaw Siwakoti & Priyesh Shrestha

In this project, we deal with video face recognition system rather than only picture format. It ensures that the person is a ‘real person’ and not a photo

Fun Computer Vision Project

Fun Computer Vision Project Using Google AR Core
By Jan Duldhardt

In this project, we detect faces and put filters on them like we see on Facebook and Instagram.

Defect Detection

Computer Vision for Defect Detection Using Faster R-CNN
By Jarutat Shinwasusin

Defect Detection is a computer vision program that ISL created to solve the problem of customers that need high manpower to sort out the defects.

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection & Speed Estimation Using YOLO & Linear Kalman Filters
By Dao Trung Kien & Sochivoath Chiv

The objective of the project is to detect vehicle accurately, to track them properly and then to provide a velocity estimation.

Smart Residence

A Sensor Network Approach to Smart Nursing Homes
By Wang Zheng

The Smart Residence System is an Area Monitoring system based on Sensor Networks. It utilizes machine learning techniques to make prediction on sensory data