Smart Assistant, a domain at Intelligent Systems Laboratory, concerns with the development of intelligent assistant software to aid human users in managing their activities and resources, as well as collaborating with other human users in the working team. The research team adopts cutting-edge technologies for the research and development of intelligent systems by acquiring a knowledge of how users make the plans for their operation, both personal and collaborated, and utilizing the information to make smarter decisions.

This research area typically deals with the concept of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, including decision making, planning, and communication. Our works in this theme have been turned into many types of applications, from field operations and reporting to chatbot systems.

Our goal is to help people and their collaborators make decisions effectively and efficiently. We notice hundreds of decisions being made everyday in a team or an organization. However, when there are a magnitude of options, making a decision becomes overwhelming with regards to time and effort. It also leads to unbalanced workload among the team members and inaccurate task prioritization.

With Smart Assistant, you will be able to manage the tasks and related resources in order to run the business operations with no effort. You will always have an intelligent digital advisor to share your expert advice much quicker and people can immediately receive helpful support to make more confident and smarter decisions.