Smart Sensors, a domain at Intelligent Systems Laboratory, concerns with the theoritical and technological advancements for building artificial systems. The research team embraces state-of-the-art technologies for the research and development of intelligent solutions by utilizing a variety of sensory units.

The research work and projects under smart sensors are further divided into two categories; computer vision and IoT solutions. Computer vision solutions strictly explores cutting-edge technologies involving visual sensors. Our work includes detection and recognition of objects using deep learning to motion analysis from images or videos.

The IoT solution deals with building intelligent systems by gathering information from various sensory units, including visual sensors. The research aims to analyze, recognize and identify events from environmental and motion sensors.

Many of the research work has been turned into industry solutions for face and smile detection, demographic classification, digit recognition, factory automation, and smart cooler systems. Software prototypes have also been developed for VR games and immersive technologies.